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Rainwater Collection Systems

Ensuring clean and safe water systems for future generations.

Is There Enough Rain Here?

Yes, we get enough rain! The average yearly rainfall for our area is 30-32 inches. The problem being that it typically comes in just a few big storms. So, the collection area (your roof) and the storage capacity (the tank) have to match your needs. A 1 inch rainfall on a 1000 square foot roof will yield almost 600 gallons of collected water. Here are some good reasons to make use of rainwater through our collection systems:


The use of rainwater for a portion of or the entirety of our domestic water usage is one of the simplest and most effective individual conservation efforts we can make.

Water Quality

One of the added benefits of using rainwater is its purity. The PH of rainwater is almost neutral. This means it is gentler on your hair, better for your plants and gardens, requires less laundry detergent and tastes much better than well or city water.


Rainwater harvesting can also solve drainage problems. In some cases, runoff can be an issue. Our rainwater systems can divert water to different areas and effectively contain/collect it.

Cost Effectiveness

After the initial installation, the water is free of charge! There are investments made in buying the filters, electricity for the pump, etc.. but in the long run, it is a very cost effective option.

For Our Rainwater Services We Offer:

   - Site Evaluation
   - Custom Design and Consultation
   - Diverse Selection of Storage Tanks
   - Installation with Minimal Site Impact

A Rainwater Collection System by Full Circle

An installed rainwater storage tank.

How the System Works:

The rainwater system can be custom designed for an entire house or as an irrigation/livestock water source. We can create the system for simplified future expansion, eliminating retro-fitting costs. Interfacing with existing well or city water distribution systems is also an option, which allows a backup to your rainwater collection system.

The 4 basic elements for our custom designed rainwater collection systems are:

  1. The Roof or Collection Area
  2. The Conveyance/Transport System
    • This would consist of the gutters, downspouts, first flush component (which cleans the system before storing to avoid debris in the tanks/system), and piping to the storage tanks.
  3. Storage
    • A cistern or tank
  4. Distribution
    • Pump, filtration and disinfection for drinking water
    • Piping to end use area
A Rainwater Collection System Pump by Full Circle

A rainwater pumping system and filter.

Mid line

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