Water Saving Tips/Conservation

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Conservation is the first and easiest method to save water. It is also the most accessible method for the general public to implement. Many of the water saving tips I will be posting from time to time are well known and obvious, others may be not so obvious. It is my personal belief that everyone should hand carry the water they use for a few days. Hauling a 40 pound 5 gallon can from a water source to your point of use really changes the way you look at this life supporting resource. (And yes, I have done this-sometimes for extended periods.)

Add so my first tip is: Haul your water. Even if this means bringing it inside from an outside faucet you will gain a new appreciation of this precious resource. Put the can on your sink counter and use only that water for all your purposes. You will cook, wash dishes, brush your teeth, take sponge baths, water the dog and cat and your house plants, make coffee and ice…… Put another can in the bathroom to flush the toilet from the bowl. When you run out haul another 5 gallons. (You will very quickly install rain barrels for watering your new xeric  landscape.) Try it for a few days, I guarantee it will change your water use-hopefully forever!

Cyndy Owens

Peak Water

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Peak Water is here. Dr. Peter Gleick is an expert in climate and hydrology. He says, “Unlike peak oil, there is no substitution for water. But, like peak oil the low-hanging fruit of our fresh water supply has been picked and what is left requires costly environmental and financial impacts to extract.” (That’s scary to think about.)

*Rainwater Collection is not costly to the environment, and it is free to you!

Dr. Gleick goes on to say, “Today some 18 countries, containing half the world’s people, are over pumping their aquifers. Among these…….. the United States.

*This includes our  Edwards, Trinity, and Glenrose aquifersRight here in Central Texas! (Another scary thought.)

Have a rainy day,  Cyndy Owens