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Drainage and Erosion Control by Full Circle

There are many ways to control erosion and runoff issues.

High Quality Drainage Solutions:

Our drainage corrections are completely unique to your needs and site particulars. David is known in our area for his ability to 'read' elevations and run-off patterns. His solutions are creative and often indiscernible when the project is completed. He uses berms, swales, dry stack rock walls, french drains and elevation changes to suit your needs and aesthetics.

Drainage Repair Pictures

#1 - Smith residence: Water was getting into house at a foundation grade change. Up hill neighbor agreed to having a diversion berm placed along the adjoining fence to redirect run-off. Walk way and retaining wall were placed after lowering and waterproofing area along foundation wall.

#2 - Mahar residence: Retaining wall of dry stack stonework was installed to protect built up level pad for rainwater storage tanks. Pipe in picture is from tank overflow outlet.

Drainage Repair Pictures

#3 - Boatright residence: Foundation of house was subject to water inundation during heavy storms and storm water coming over curbing from street due to recent uphill development. An intercepting swale was created across front and side of house to improve flow of storm water and prevent water backing up into house.

#4 - Boatright residence: Openings in downhill fence were installed to improve overall drainage of property.

Drainage Repair Pictures

#5 - Alaniz residence: Rear and side yard were excavated to grade to improve flow of water into front yard. The flow line was extended, and a walkway was installed to direct water into the street storm water collection system.

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